top Bulgaria highlights 4 days guided motorcycle tour  

If Bulgaria is on your way this is the perfect moto tour to learn and see some of its best. It is created with the idea of multiple starting points and ending at a good exit ways from the country.

3 breakfasts
3 nights



This tour suggestion is oriented towards riders with limited time, who are crossing Bulgaria or are near it. In these 4 days, you will ride on beautiful scenic roads and mountain passages, during which you will be introduced to our history, archaeology, and culture. You will learn a lot about our heritage from our ancestors, by our guided visits in multiple places.
We are offering two options for the starting point of the journey. Sofia and Ruse. Ruse is situated on the Danube river and it is a border crossing city on the Bulgarian-Romanian border. Perfect location for riders who have included in their adventure Romania. Ruse also is an option for ending point. We will give some basic itinerary with the starting point Sofia.

Day 1

We will start our tour on one of the most popular scenic moto roads in Bulgaria. After a couple of hours, we will reach our first stop, where you will have a guided visit of an architect reserve, bringing you back in the 19th century's atmosphere. It is a town, located in the slopes of the Central Balkan mountain. We can have our lunch there in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant.
Another couple of hours of riding will take us in a Medieval fortress on a top of a cliff. Asen's fortress was constructed in the late Antiquity, then reused and restored by the Bulgarian in the 13th century. It will also give you the chance to admire a wonderful view. After we finish it we will ride to Plovdiv, the second city of Bulgaria and the oldest in Europe. We will visit in the afternoon the main highlights of it - The Roman theater, the Roman stadium, the Bulgarian revival period wealthy houses, the oldest mosque on the Balkans and many more.  The overnight is scheduled to be in the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2019.


Riding time for the day approximately 3,5 hours / ~200 km.


Day 2

Our journey continues in direction of the famous "Rose Valley" where you will gain knowledge of rose oil production and the flourishing civilization of the Thracians. We will visit the museum of the roses and 4 Thracian tombs. One is part of UNESCO heritage list because of the perfectly preserved painting from the 3rd century BC. Our next stop will be at the top of the Central Balkan Mountain where the view is stunning and the area full of history, especially from the Communism and the Russian-Turkish war of 1878. By two hours riding, we will reach the Medieval capital of Bulgaria, where we will overnight.


Riding time for the day approximately 4.5 hours / ~200 km.

Day 3

After breakfast, you will have a guided visit to the remains of the Medieval glorious Capital. We will also visit the old Ottoman prison. Very spooky place, but interesting and full of history. Then we will pack up and start our riding. On the way, we will stop at Hotnica waterfall, beautiful natural site. The road to it is very attractive for motorbikes. Another guided visit is scheduled in the best-preserved Roman town on the territory of Bulgaria. Then our way will lead us to Lom natural reserve. We will ride through it and enjoy the amazing scenery. Before we get to our final destination for the day we can visit another UNESCO site - Ivanovo cliff monastery.  Our plan for the evening is to reach and overnight in the "Small Vienna of East Europe" - Ruse. You can enjoy a nice walk in the most beautiful city centers in Bulgaria and on the alleys next to the Danube River. 

Riding time for the day approximately 3 hours / ~150 km.

Day 4

After breakfast, we start our journey back to Sofia, but on the way, we will visit many interesting and beautiful sites. During this day tour, you will have the chance to visit one of the oldest Bulgarian cities, which has flourished continuously throughout history, as well as two of the must-see Bulgarian natural wonders.
The city of Lovech is located in northern Bulgaria. It was continuously inhabited since Thracian times. One of the main sites of Lovech is The Hisarya Fortress, built during the First Bulgarian Empire (681-1018 CE). The city kept its importance during the time of the Second Bulgarian Empire as well. Lovech continued to develop in the period of Ottoman rule and become the most significant commercial center in the country. Highlights from this period are Varosha Quarter- reserve located in the old part of the town. It includes more than 160 restored houses which help create an authentic atmosphere carrying visitors back to those 19th century days.
18 km northeast of Lovech is located Devetashka Cave - a picturesque karst cave. According to archeological research, it sheltered people since the late Paleolithic era. The cave is a protected landmark of national and international significance and has been declared a monument of culture. Also, during the Cold War was a secret warehouse for the fuel of the Air force. 
Krushuna Waterfalls (approx. 16 km from Devetashka cave) is one of the biggest cascades in the country, dropping at a height of 20m. A narrow eco-path will take you up steps, along several bridges, passing small natural water pools amongst the mossy, limestone rocks.
In the late afternoon, we will reach Sofia. 
Overnight is not included in the price. If airport transfer is needed we can organize it for you.


Riding time for the day approximately 6 hours / ~350 km.




PRICE includes 

English speaking educated biker guides
4 days Guiding
3 nights in recommended 3+ star hotels in private room
3 Breakfast
Guided visits of the mentioned places
Entrance fees
Medical insurance
699€ for 1 rider with 
own bike in single room
799€ for 2 persons 
with own bike/s 
in double room
Rent BMW F800R/Honda Hornet 600
  70€ per day
Rent BMW R 1150 RT/Yamaha Mt07 Tracer
90€ per day
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